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Too soon to change F2L?


Nov 24, 2006
Hi. I've been into cubing for a couple of months now and average at about 1:30. I've been basically using Jasmine's method except with a couple of different PLL edges algorithms and the cross at the bottom.

I've been looking at learning intuitive F2L and picking that up, but do you think it's too soon with my slow time? I think my biggest obstacle right now would be looking ahead as I do the algorithms. I have no problem doing the algorithms without thinking about them, but I haven't gotten the hang of looking ahead as I do them.


Jul 4, 2006
Hi! First of all, welcome to the forum!

I did the exact same thing as you when I first started... jasmines, cross on bottom, different PLL algs...

I personally don't think that its too soon to start practicing intuitive F2L. I started when my average was around 2 min. and the upgrade was what really brought my times down. For your looking ahead problem, I don't think its be something you should practice at the moment. Practice your F2L and slowly you'll get used to looking ahead every time you solve. I only started practicing looking ahead after I've mastered F2L, OLL and PLL, and by then my times were already sub-30.

Good luck with your solving!