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[Tied WR] Mark Boyanowski 17 FMC Single and [WR] 22.33 Mean


Feb 18, 2018
Congrats Mark and well done.

Will be interested to see the scramble/solution. Also interesting to see that Walker got a 31 on that solve.

Cale S

Jan 18, 2014
Iowa, USA
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Wow that’s just amazing! Congrats!
I’m really interested in the solution, does anyone know where we can find it?
Scramble: R' U' F L2 D F2 U2 B2 U' R2 F2 U2 B2 L F2 R' F R' B' U' F U2 L' D' R' U' F

(D U' R2 U B') // EO + square + preserve pair
(D2 L D' L2) // 2x2x3
(R' U R2 U') // 13 to 2e2e

U R2 U' R L2 D L' @ D2 B U' R2 U D'
@ = R2 D2 R2 D2 R2 D2

Solution: U R2 U' R L2 D L' R2 D2 R2 D2 R2 B U' R2 U D' (17)

you can insert L2 U2 R2 U2 L2 D2 instead for 16


Premium Member
Oct 10, 2013
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I guess it's worth to copy it here. Mark Boyanowski posted it in FMC group on FB:

Solutions from Mental Breakdown Minnesota 2019 (let me know of any mistakes, I am writing this up somewhat quickly to make sure I get it out there for people to see):
Round 1: 17, 28, 22 = 22.33
Round 2: 23, 24, 26 = 24.33
1.1: R’ U’ F L2 D F2 U2 B2 U’ R2 F2 U2 B2 L F2 R’ F R’ B’ U’ F U2 L’ D’ R’ U’ F
(D U’ R2 U B’) // EO + 2x2x1 + preserve YGO pair
(D2 L D’ L2) // 2x2x3
U R2 U’ R // 4E (also very findable without switching)
Skeleton: U R2 U' R L2 D L’ D2 # B U’ R2 U D’
# = D2 R2 D2 R2 D2 R2
Final(17): U R2 U’ R L2 D L’ R2 D2 R2 D2 R2 B U’ R2 U D’
Sadly, inserting D2 L2 U2 R2 U2 L2 in the same place gives a 16. Unfortunately I was not aware there was another way to solve the edge case in 6 moves.
I found the 17 in 16 minutes, and spent the majority of the rest of the attempt looking at slicey shenanigans insertions (I didn’t give the spot where I did my insertion a second thought, not knowing about another way to do the case). I’ve certainly played it over and over in my head at this point that I could have had a 16 if I just knew the alg, but there’s really nothing I can do now other than learn from it. That’s the way the mop flops I guess.
1.2: R' U' F D2 F2 L2 D2 R' B2 L2 D2 B2 R' D U B' L' U2 B' R B L' U B' R' U’ F
U F2 R // EO + pair
B2 U’ D’ R2 // 2x2x2
(L2 B’ F’ D F) // 2x2x3
(B’ D2 B2) // F2L -1
(B’ D B) // 5C
Skeleton: U F2 R B2 U’ D’ # R2 B’ D’ B’ D2 B F’ D’ F B L2
# = U @ L2 U’ R U L2 U’ R’
@ = D’ R2 D L D’ R2 D L’
Final(28): U F2 R B2 D2 R2 D L D’ R2 D L U’ R U L2 U’ R B’ D’ B’ D2 B F’ D’ F B L2
I was finding very little on this scramble, and was very stressed for the first 30 minutes. After that point I feel I was able to get into a much better mindset and treat this like any normal attempt. It still wasn’t until 47 minutes in that I found 17 to 5C, and immediately started on insertions. Due to nerves and lack of recent insertions practice, I barely had enough time and was in serious danger of DNFing. Fortunately my 28 worked first try, and I submitted with about a minute left.
IF gives a 27 for this skeleton, but all the insertions are a first cancelling 2 and a nested cancelling 4. Overall very happy with my performance here, I think this was a hard scramble (for my personal style at least) and I handled the nerves well enough to get a decent solve.
1.3: R’ U’ F L2 F2 D2 B2 F’ U2 L2 U2 L2 D F U’ B2 R U’ F D’ U B’ F’ R’ U’ F
(B’) // orient 4E + make a pair
U D2 L’ D’ F // EO + 2x2x1
L’ D // Another 2x2x1
L2 B2 L2 F2 // 2x2x3
R2 D R2 D’ R’ D’ R’ D R D’ // Finish
Final(22): U D2 L’ D’ F L’ D L2 B2 L2 F2 R2 D R2 D’ R’ D’ R’ D R D’ B
I’m the first to admit this is a very lucky finish. In addition to this I noticed that ending with (R D R D’ R2 D2) gives 18 to 4E and (D2 R D R D’ R2) gives 18 to 3E (both of those are on inverse). I checked both in the time I had left, but neither beat 22 as far as I could tell.
Before the 22, my only viable skeletons were this:
R2 // 2 pairs
U’ L’ D F’ D // 2x2x1 + set up RB edge
U2 B’ D // Another 2x2x1 + 3x2x1
R’ F R’ // 4E4C
and a 21 to 4C (either a pure or twisted 2+2 swap, that I can’t re-find). I wasted lots of time on the 4E4C using RNISS, but fortunately still found the 22 with 18 minutes remaining.
I’m so happy to have this record. Even with the missed opportunity on solve 1, I’m very proud of this mean. I’ve loved FMC for a long time now (it is tied for being my favorite event!), and it feels great to finally get a record in it.
2.1: R’ U’ F D U2 R2 B2 U2 B2 U’ R2 B’ R’ B F U F L’ U’ B’ D2 U R’ U’ F
L D B U L' // EO
U’ // 2x2x1
(B U) // 3x2x1
(F) // 3x2x1 + 2x2x1
(L2 B D’ B) // 4E5C
(B2 D2 F2 D2 B2 U2) // 5C
In a funny turn of events, I had 5C + the 4 edge case I got on solve 1. Even funnier, using the alg that I didn’t know before Saturday (which would have given me a 16) allowed me to cancel 2 moves here, and get 17 to 5C:
Skeleton: L D B U L’ U B2 D2 F2 D2 # B D B’ L2 F’ U’ B’ @
# = U2 B D B’ U2 B D’ B’
@ = B D’ B’ U B D B’ U’
Almost Final(25): L D B U L’ U B2 D2 F2 D2 U2 B D B’ U2 L2 F’ U’ D’ B’ U B D B’ U’
I was checking my solution with about 2 minutes left, when I noticed the B2 D2 F2 D2 U2. I figured this seemed like a sequence of moves that could be replaced with something else, so I did it on a solved cube and realized that the sequence is equivalent to its inverse. So, I replaced B2 D2 F2 D2 U2 with U2 D2 F2 D2 B2:
Final(23): L D B U L’ U’ D2 F2 D2 B’ D B’ U2 L2 F’ U’ D’ B’ U B D B’ U’
This was really awesome to be able to implement. I’d seen this done by Walker a couple of times. Obviously insertions were very lucky, but I was happy to be able to implement a bit of FMC knowledge as well so that I wasn’t entirely carried by luck
2.2: R' U' F L R U2 R B2 F2 D2 B2 F' R2 F2 D B D L2 D' U' F' U2 R' U’ F
Okay, now for the one where I was entirely carried by luck.
(L) // 2x2x1
(R2 F D’) // EO
(L' D2) // 2x2x2
(B R2 B’ R B U2) // 2x2x3
(B R’ B’ R B2) // 5C
Skeleton: B2 R’ B R B’ U2 B’ @ R’ B R2 # B’ D2 L D F’ R2 L’
# = R2 B‘ L2 B R2 B’ L2 B
@ = B R2 B’ L’ B R2 B’ L
Final(24): B2 R’ B R B’ U2 R2 B’ L’ B R2 B’ R' L’ B R2 B’ L2 D2 L D F’ R2 L’
Not too much else to say; basically just good luck here.
2.3: R’ U’ F L’ U2 L R B2 L’ B2 D2 B2 D’ B2 F L’ F L2 F’ U2 R2 U2 B’ R’ U’ F
F2 R # B’ D // 2x2x2
U // 2x2x3 missing a corner
D’ R’ D B2 // F2L -1 missing a corner
B U R U’ R’ B’ // EO
R B @ R2 B’ // 5C
# = R’ F’ R B2 R’ F R B2
@ = B L B’ R B L’ B’ R’
Final(26): F R B2 R’ F R B U R’ D B’ U R U’ R’ B’ R B2 L B’ R B L’ B’ R B’
Not too much to say about this solve either. Slightly better insertions than I normally expect, and a very straightforward skeleton on the normal scramble.
Once again, extremely happy with my performance at this comp. FMC WR has been a long-time goal of mine, but I didn’t expect it at all at this competition. Even having set such a hard record to beat, I’m still motivated to practice and compete in FMC more in the future
I also want to do a video analyzing at least the solves from round 1, which I’ll work on once I get home.