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The Unofficial Cubing SCP thread.

Jan 8, 2021
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SCP Thread! You can post like cubing SCPs, or whatever comes up in your mind! I hope that this is is a good idea....

I'll start:
SCP 9871: The Cursed cube

Classification: Keter

Description: SCP 9871 is a highly dangerous Keter class object. It is held in [REDACTED] at Site [CLASSIFIED]. It is to be kept in a thick plexiglass container at all times. No contact is to be made with SCP 9871. If contact has been made, terminate the subject immediately. If it spreads, it is near impossible to re-contain. It is a standard stickered 1980's Rubik's cube, with a standard color scheme. It was found in [EXPUNGED] at 9:30 AM. The person who touched it became infected immediately and had to be terminated by Nu-7 forces. When infected, the subject turns passive aggressive in nature, sitting down and slowly devolving into madness. The subject will sit for several hours trying to solve the cube. Once solved, the person will turn into the cube itself. If disturbed while solving the cube, the subject will strangle the person who disturbed them.

Re-containment: Wear your rubber gloves at all times. Epsilon-11 will have to terminate the subject who came in contact with the cube, and will have to pick the cube up with tweezers or claws. After doing so, it is to be put in a glass container and brought back to its cell. If it comes into contact again, and then it comes into contact with everyone, the site will be classified as infected, and no one must enter the site until the day is over. Once all personnel have been turned into cubes. it will merge into one cube and teleport back to it's holding cell.

Attached below is a picture of the cube in it's dormant state: