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The Stickerless vs. Stickered Thread

White KB

Oct 3, 2017
3141 Rubik's Cube Ave., Somewhere on E_rth
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I know there is already a thread about this, but it was posted over 180 days ago and this specific thread is in Off-Topic Discussion, so I think it's relatively safe. This is just a disclaimer sentence, so keep reading.

So, I kind of wonder... Why do most cubers seem to get stickered cubes instead of stickerless ones? I mean, I think there are many pros to stickerless cubes, such as:
    <li>Stickers don't peel off, and</li>
    <li>to me they have a more pleasing look.</li>
    <li>It should also be noted that it's better for big cubes that otherwise would have a lot of stickers, as these may peel off over time.</li>
(I realize one possible reason is that the WCA did not allow stickerless cubes in an official capacity until 2015, but why this would explain such a bias towards stickered cubes is beyond me.) If anyone would care to shed some light on the situation, that would be great.
Thanks in advance,
White KB

P.S. In case you haven't already noticed, I favor the stickerless side.
P.P.S. I received my first budget cube (the YuXin Little Magic stickerless) yesterday. Also my first actual "backup main" for 3x3.


Apr 7, 2020
I like stickered purely for how they look, and am actually a big fan of primary, white, and odd colored cubes. I also like being able to change my color scheme if I want to because I get tired of looking at the same colors all the time. I've often changed from prefering dark colors to prefering brights or florescent colors. Ultimately I switch back and forth between the color of my plastics, stickerless, and stickered because I like variety which is why I have a preference for stickered because there is more visual variety.

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