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[Review] The Shengshou Aurora


Mar 5, 2017
This is the Shengshou Aurora.

Maybe this cube was already reviewed long time ago, but I'm going to do another one, for 2017. NOTATION: I am NOT an great cuber but I can get a sub 35 solve no problem, and I am Color Neutral so just need to learn oll's and pll's! ;).

Now then, let's start!

The Aurora is just not a professional cube overall.

For 9 USD (thecubicle.us) you get this:

Oh my, I can't address that this cube has so much popping when on looser tensions (obviously), like you don't even need to turn fast for it to pop. Maybe it's because of my turning style, but I don't really know, and this is really really annoying.

It happens in every solve I do. I, once, almost got a 27 second solve, but this cube said "F*** you" and locked in the middle of an algorithm and it turned out to be a 35 second solve (which was my average when I no lifed cubing).

For me, the cube's feeling is just bad, I can feel like a fatigue when solving it. It's flexing a little, but it's not noticeable.

Corner cutting:
Not that good, not even on par with the QiYi Sail, which is really really sad.
Normal: About 20°
Reverse: Not possible

In this category the cube is better than any other category. The turning has a bumpy feel. The speed is medium, which is great for someone who got this for Christmas, not to start speedcubing, but for a present just to have fun.

Rating: 3/10
This cube is a really a cube for someone who is not speedcubing (that's my opinion), and if you want to get sub 20's with this cube it's going to be hard, but it's possible. For the price point, I don't recommend this cube at all, it's just bad for it's price.

Cube I recommend for this price point: Thunderclap v2.

Tell me your opinions on this review, and if it was needed!

Sorry if my English is not that good, it's not my native language.

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