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The Roux FMC Thread


Daniel Lin

I like how the Roux method is really movecount efficient. But since FMC is in HTM, using Roux is terrible(except for making a 1x2x3). So I think we should try FMC in STM, since it hasn't really been explored much.

Also, I think Roux FMC has a lot of cool stuff during LSE like misoriented centers, UFUB, influencing EO during CMLL, and LR edges during EO. Also, you could solve some edges and insert comms into the solution. Lots of possiblities

I wonder what movecounts people can get with STM. This will be interesting, since we don't know what God's number is yet (Do we?)

Scramble from qqtimer
D2 L B2 U2 R' U2 F2 D2 L2 D2 R2 B L2 D' F2 L U' B' L R F

Have fun!


Sep 22, 2013
Alex Lau uses Roux for official FMC solves -- he has two official sub-30s which I believe were just straight (lucky, and Alex-style) Roux solves.