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The One-Move 2x2 Game!


Oct 27, 2019
An uncolonized sector of the planet Mars
Welcome to the one-move 2x2 game! I post a scramble for 2x2, and we work together to solve it by doing one turn at a time. You can only do one move per turn, and you can't go twice in a row. We'll be using HTM, so that means a half turn(i.e: U2) counts as one move. Rotations will count as your turn. Also, make sure not to say why you're doing the move you do. That way, it's harder, as participants could be using different methods.

When you post, please include the scramble, the solution so far, and what turn you're doing. Let's begin!


Scramble: F' U' F U2 R' F2 R' U R2 F2


Solution: B
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