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The Leighzer Cuber!


Mar 30, 2011
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I figured why not.
My name is Leighton hence my tag as LeighzerCuber with my name as part of the word lazer :cool: (Lazers are fast I guess. I just wanted to incorporate that into my tag.)
I am located in MN, USA. I am in Cross Country, Swimming, and Track. (year round athlete)
I am 15, and I am interested in cubing (obviously) and have cubing for a year.
I learned f2l 2 months in and then full Pll. I was going hard core on OLL, but then took a break from cubing. I have been doing it casually and slowly decreasing my times with raw practice until recently I got back into the groove. (Its been a while since I learned an alg though :D. I think I know 27 Oll's.)

My "main event" (never been to a comp) is 3x3. I really enjoy 5x5 though. I think 6x6 would be my favorite, but with the explosions and clicking of the v-cube 6 I never do 6x6, and I never really no have time or even a want to mod it. I did just order a ss though so I'll see how that goes. My youtube name is: LeighzerCuber if you want to check it out. If you want me to make a vid feel free to let me know.

Decent times for me include:
2x2: 7s
3x3: 22-23s
4x4: 1:30ish
5x5 2:30ish
6x6: I don't even know. Never do it.
7x7: 7:50ish though I haven't done much 7x7 and I am probably faster. PB is a 7:16
I don't specialize in other puzzles for speed. Mainly 3x3 then 5x5. Boy do I love random improvements on cubes I never practice :cool:

I think that this a good amount of information. Thank you for your interest.
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Sep 27, 2011
im joking but welcome :D

and i wanna give you a challenge. Solve a rubiks cube one handed 3 times while making a sandwich
your reward is a sandwich