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The first Rubik's cube in the world made on a crocodile !!!!


Dec 16, 2019
The first Rubik's cube in the world made on a crocodile !!!
Unbelievable !!!
Video taken in Burkina Faso at the pool of sacred crocodiles in Bazoulé.
A world first: a 12-year-old french boy makes a Rubik's cube in 1 minute seated on a large crocodile. We can even see a second crocodile behind in the pond! It is not a fake i can ensure you.
Bazoulé sacred crocodiles are not sedated at all. They are just used to the presence of men with whom they have coexisted without problem for centuries. They are fed regularly and are therefore not aggressive and spend most of their time digesting in the sun. It is therefore possible to touch them and even sit on them without aggressiveness. They are in their 100% natural environment and not in a zoo. Animals are absolutely not mistreated: they are sacred and even have the right to a burial (like men) when they die, a magnificent example of human cohabitation with wildlife in Africa !
Please like the video on you tube !
If link does not work, juste go on you tube with : "Le premier Rubik's cube au monde réalisé sur un crocodile."


May 24, 2019
Dad: Let's go, the first rubik's cube in the world solved on a crocodile!
Mom: Rubik's cube and crocodile
Dad: There are two others behind you
Kid: *solving*
Dad: You're okay? You're making progress? You're not stressed by the crocodile?
Kid: I'm fine, I'm fine, it's pretty comfortable
Mom: *unintelligible*
Kid: *solving*
Kid: It's a little disturbing though
Dad: *laughs*
Dad: There's stuff moving behind you in the pond
Kid: *turns around*
Dad: *laughs*
Kid: *solving*
Dad: You're done? Show the camera?
Kid: *Shows the cube*
Dad: Congratulations big guy
Mom: *unintelligible*
Dad: The fist rubik's cube in the world solved on a crocodile! I'm pretty sure it's never been done before
People: *laugh*

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