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The Cube Store thread

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Jan 31, 2010
Seoul, Korea, South Korea
Hi, this is going to be a long thread that will tell you about some stores that exist. Since I failed my last thread, I made another revised one. I can credit daniel0731ex for the idea of the title of this thread (The cube identification thread) IF you know a store that I have not added, please PM or post on this thread so I can edit it. So here it goes!

Sorry for the big picture.
Website link: http://www.rubiks.com/
Location of shipping: Canada
Basic items: Rubik's brand 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5. Other puzzles such as the Rubik's snake can be bought there.
Reliability: It's a well known store, so they probably won't rip you off.
Score: 6/10. Pretty and all, but please make better cubes :).

Website link: www.cubeforyou.com, www.cube2you.com, www.cubefans.com
These are all essentially the same company.
Location (of shipping): China
Basic items in the store (and approx. price): Contains almost all puzzles, although the prices aren't that cheap.
Reliability: I guess they are reliable. I ordered from them twice, and both times, their processing was fast. If they do not have the item in stock, it will take longer.
Shipping (how long, where to, prices): UPS - Very fast. I'm in Florida, and it came in 3 days. Airmail - said to be slow, but I have NOT personally experienced it. I always take the fast shipping. UPS shipping varies by weight. The heavier it is, the price goes up a lot.
Services: I heard the customer service was very good.
Personal Overall Score: 7/10
Comments: Although there are a lot of varieties of puzzles in the store, the shipping is absurdly expensive, and the prices of the puzzles are not that cheap.
NOTE: Cubefans and Cube2you both seem to be the same company as Cube4You.


Website link: www.Lightake.com

Location (of shipping): China
Basic items in the store (and approx. price): Also contains almost all the cubes, plus it has many other variety of stuff.
Reliability: Very realiable. I easily contacted the customer service and had a friendly chat with her. :)
Shipping (how long, where to, prices): Around 2 weeks (14 days). There is a chance that there aren't any in stock. In this case, popbuying does not contact you and it will take long to process. (from what I heard) They ship for free all around the world! If it is not over $15, it will cost you 2 dollars to get a tracking number. They provide a free tracking number (if over 15 USD), but is practically useless because it updated after arriving at my house :( They have EMS, although it costs 23 dollars. The good thing is that the price doesn't change even if you put many items.
Services: Excellent service as I mentioned.
Overall Score: 9/10 One of the top 5 shops that cubers buy from. It is cheap, and reliable.
NOTE: Deal extreme, Popbuying and Dealperfect are VERY SIMILAR to this. Some people say that they are the same company, but I'm not sure on this. anyway, they basically have the same products and prices.

Website link: http://www.v-cubes.com/index.php
Location of shipping: Somewhere in Greece.
Basic items: Whadda you think. V-cubes. WIDELY known for good 5x5s, 6x6s, 7x7s. Come in black and white. They also have country cubes and the Dazzler and Illusion. Cool stuff. The shipping is very expensive, since they only offer UPS. Other than that, very good. (also, the prices of the cubes themselves are pricey, since it's made in Greece, unlike most other cubes, which are mass produced in China)
Reliabilty: Very good opinion towards this store. I think Verdes is doing a great job.
Shipping : The only selectable shipping: UPS. (UP to 12 days, or something like that).
Services : I heard Verdes gives some extra pieces if one of the pieces broke or is lost.
Overall Score : 9.5/10 Great service and good quality cubes. (except that the UPS is expensive. That cut off 0.5). I heard improvements of the V-cube 5 is coming out (whenever soon is), with some other cubes (possibly 8x8 and up))

Website link: http://www.hknowstore.com
Location (of shipping): Hong Kong
Basic items in the store (and approx. price): A lot of cubes. Some interesting brands include, Ming Ho, and type G (type a clone).
Reliability: I have not bought from this store. But many people say the customer service is good.
Shipping (how long, where to, prices): Ships to anywhere. Free shipping items are included.
Services: From what I here, Calvin has wonderful customer serivce.
Overall Score: 8.5/10 Mostly anonymous (to me), but I have seen a lot of youtubers that get their cubes from HKNowstore.

Website link: http://store.tribox.jp/USD/Home.html (English)
http://tribox.cart.fc2.com/ (Japanese)
Location of shipping: Japan
Basic items : Also has a lot of cubes. It had the Joy cube. It has the Edison White cube (black is currently out of stock). The Edison is a bit expensive due to it's inaccessibility.
Shipping : I'm not sure about this. Check the website. I heard the shipping was alright.
Services: - I believe it has good customer service, but I am not entirely sure.
Overall Score : 8/10 Mixed feelings about this store. I have it a 8 because the store sold rare cubes. Joy and Edisons.

Website link : http://www.mefferts.com/
Location of shipping: China
Basic items: Has the Original Mefferts 4x4 and 5x5, and many other cubes. They sell Famwealth cubes also. They are famous for their 4x4's. Although the cubes themselves are a bit pricey ($18 for 4x4), their shipping is free.
Shipping - It is said the shipping good, although it comes from China. Because of the free shipping, it will take +1 week.
Services - I heard they are pretty good in general. Other than that, I don't know anything else.
Overall Score - 9/10 Good store in general. Although some cubes are out of stock, their 4x4's are really good.

Website link: http://www.witeden.com/index.php
Basic items : QJ, Dayan, WitEnd, LanLan, type c, Alpha brand cubes/puzzles.
Shipping : from Hongkong. I'm not quite sure how much the shipping is, or how fast it is. Has very many shipping choices, which include EMS, DHL, UPS, Hong kong post (USPS)
Services -
Overall score - 9.25/10 They have a LOT of items in the store, including some custom made puzzles. Interesting store. Definitely recommend it.

CubeTalk's Magical Store

Website link: http://thetalkingcube.weebly.com/my-puzzle-shop.html
Location of shipping: In America
Basic items : Has 2 items. A Floppy cube and a rare Edison cube ($23). The prices are high due to the inaccessibility.
Shipping - Generally fast because of the location of shipping but I have heard a negative comment. (took 1.5 weeks)
Services- Said to be fast in replying emails.
Overall Score - 8.5/10 I gave it a 8.5 since it sold Edison cubes, but the cubes were too expensive. In Korea, Edison cubes are about $6.5 each.

Website link: http://www.magic-puzzle-cube.com
Location: USA, Oregon
Items in Store: currently Lanlan, QJ and YJ products. local inventory.
Shipping: within 24hrs (often same day for AM orders); free shipping on $35 USA orders; or USPS calculated shipping
Service: Oregon/USA timezone same day response
Score : 8.5/10 The reason is... I know NOTHING about this store and it's services.

Cube Depot

Website link: http://www.cubingstore.webs.com/
Location of shipping; Astoria, New York, USA.
Basic items : QJ 4x4 parts, Clown Cube (?), Ghost hand I and II, LanLan 2x2, V-CUBES, etc. The prices are pretty good, but the shipping is $3. Expanded to Alpha cubes (I, II, III , IV, V, Haiyan, Haiyan Memory). Expanded again to QJ timers, QJ 4x4, mini QJ 4x4, 5x5, etc. Good store.
Shipping - As I mentioned before, $3. It should be fast shipping if you live in the states. Ship by USPS priority mail. There is a small amount of tax, Ships worldwide. It just expanded, so you should be glad.
Services - The customer service would probably be excellent.
Overall Score - 9.5/10 One of the stores I think I will be buying from. The prices are cheap and it is a recently opened store. Try it out! (bigbee99's store)

Specialty Speedcubes

Website link:http://specialtyspeedcubes.webs.com/apps/webstore/
Location of shipping : Probably America
Basic items : HAD the Edison, Will HAVE the Joy, and HAS the Eastsheen.
The prices are very good for a Edison cube. ($15!! no wonder it is out of stock) The Joy is expected to be 15 dollars also.
Shipping - I believe the shipping is pretty fast since it is in America.
Overall Score - 8/10. The problem with the store is that it doesn't have the rare cubes. If the cubes were in stock, it would probably be a 10/10.

High Quality Speedcubes for Sale

Website link:http://www.speedcubeshop.com/apps/webstore/
Location of shipping: The USA
Basic items : Alpha Core, Alpha 1, Alpha V Core, Alpha V, C4U Core, Dayan, Dayan Screw/Spring, GH, Haiyan's Haiyan, LanLan 2x2, Lan Lan 3x3x2, MF8 Megaminx II, MF8 Megaminx stickers, Cube stand, F II, Type C III, Type C, QJ Timer, Mini QJ 4x4x4, QJ 3x3x2, Mini C, Micro Memory, MF8 Square-1, Mf* Square-1 stickers, Check the store out. Prices are alright.
Shipping - FREE shipping! That makes the prices very very cheap. I believe he ships internationally.
Services - I heard camcuber/cameron's customer service was excellent. I recommend this store since it has a lot of products, it's cheap, and it is located in the USA.
Overall Score - 9.5/10 As I mentioned before, FREE shipping, very cheap and fast shipping.


Website link: http://www.opticubes.com/store/
Store is temporarily closed.


Website link: http://cubecity.weebly.com/
I haven't heard any testimonials or comments about the store. If anyone has comments or testimonials, please PM or post a message on this thread.

Website link : http://www.cfoping.com/
Also have not heard anything about this store.

Website link: http://cubenjoy.com/
Location of shipping: From Korea to Korea ONLY (I know, it sucks)
Shipping: In Korea, shipping will take 1 day MAX. (order the morning will probably get to your house (in Korea) by the evening.)
Basic products: Has limited amounts of Joy cubes (since the production has stopped, I think). Has Edison cubes in many different colors. (about $6.50 dollars each). It also sells V-cubes (5,6,7), 2nd gen stack mat timer, and some Alpha cubes.
Services - I do not like the service at all because I emailed them twice and they haven't replied to me once.
Overall Score - 9/10 9 since it sells rare cubes and they are cheap (Joy cubes are about $11). -1 because they only ship domestically and their customer service is weird.

Cubing Weekly

Website link- http://cubingweekly.com/store.php
Location of shipping - Canada (?)
Basic products - there are 2 products and 2 colors each. They are the Maru 2x2 and the Maru 3x3. The prices are moderate.
Shipping - I heard good comments about this store, if you want a moderately good 2x2 (Maru) buy it from him.
Overall Score - 8/10 -2 because of the lack of variety of cubes in the store, but I heard they will be expanding very soon. (Caedus's store)

Euro Speedcubes Online Shop

Website link - http://www.groovycart.co.uk/cart.php?c=1266
Location of shipping - Europe to Europe only
Basic products - Has 1 LanLan 2x2 product with 2 colors (black/white). The prices are around 8.5 USD.
Shipping - Free shipping, otherwise I have no knowledge of this store. I hope it expands also.
Overall Score - 7/10. Lack of variety of cubes.

Website link: http://kcobe.com/
Location of shipping - I believe it is in Malaysia.
Basic products - The store has a lot of products with good prices. They even have a mysterious 7x7. You should check the store out.
Shipping - No info
Overall Score - Due to the variety of cubes a 8.5/10 will fit the store.

SpeedCube UK Online Store

Link: http://speedcubeuk.webs.com/apps/webstore/
Location of shipping : Manchester, England
Basic products - Many items, and the prices are win. The A-V is around 8 dollars (usually 10). Go buy from this store, the prices are wonderful.
Shipping - Just expanded to Worldwide shipping. The shipping varies.
Service - Moderately good. I haven't ordered from him, but he constantly is on speedsolving.com
Overall Score - 9/10 For a new store, pretty good prices and products in general. (andyt1992's store).

Speedcubing store

Website link: http://www.speedcubingstore.webs.com
Location of shipping; Plano, IL , USA
Basic items : Mini QJ, Dayan Guhong, Dayan II, Dayan crazy 4x4, F-II, C-II, A-II, A-V, C-I, mini C, mini E, Edison cube, QJ 2x3x3, QJ Pyraminx, QJ TImer, Dayan octahedron, MF8 Megaminx, MF8 Square-1, Keychain cube, Floppy cube, Void Cube, Clock, Magic, LL 4x4, LL 2x2, C4U 3x3x5, Dayan 4x4.
Shipping - Low shipping prices. US shipping is USPS First-Class mail or Priority(large orders). Estimated time to US: 3-5 days. International shipping shipping also available.

Link - http://edicubes.com/index.php?route=common/home
Location of shipping : unknown
Basic products - all Edison cubes (5x5, 2x2, 3x3)
Shipping - Very fast, according to ZB FTW. (came in 2 days)
Service - No idea
Overall score - Since they sell rare Edison cubes, a 8/10, but a -2 because the prices are very, very high.

Link - http://helpcube.webs.com/
Location of shipping - unknown (if you know please let me know)
Basic products - The store has one good product. The Edison 3x3. Although it costs 23 dollars, it seems alright to me. Has assembly service and tension service IF you pay them more.
Shipping -
Service -
Overall score - 8.5/10 Edison cubes makes a 8.5 score. That's all.

This store is the bomb. If anyone opposes, your weird. Cubesmith is a small business in California that sells stickers for almost all kinds of cubes. I give this store a 10+/10. No reason it shouldn't.


Some timer recommendations.


Site link : http://mzrg.com/qqtimer/
Good things : Fast loading time (site). Has a big variety of scrambles. Clean and simple. Can adjust the scramble length. Can change settings for the inspection time, display time, timer size, etc.
Bad things : As far as I know, can't save times. Other than that, a good timer.
Score : 8.5/10 The timer itself is simple and clean, but the only problem is that the times aren't save-able (to my knowledge).

site link : http://gqtimer.kungfoomanchu.com/
exact same as the qqtimer, but now saves times and graphs them. GREAT timer.

Site link : http://www.ctimer.co.uk/
Good things : There's a cube that shows how the cube looks like after the scramble (that's given).
Saves times. The breakdowns are nice. It calculates the STD. Can adjust settings (like inspection time, color of the layout)
Bad things : Hmmm..... maybe...I don't know, figure out yourself ;)
Score : 9.5/10 Good timer. It loads fast and looks cool


Site link : http://cube.garron.us/cct/
Good things: Can keep profiles, which saves times on a XML sheet. Can change various settings. There are TONS more, but try it out yourself. It is a software, so must be downloaded. (goes both ways)
Bad things : No graphing. That's all. It is is a software, so must be downloaded. (goes both ways)
Score : 9.9/10 :) TRY IT OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T already


Site link: http://cubemania.org/ I GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME! Lol
Good things : Graphing of your times. Profile can be accessed through any computer if you have the id and password. A variety of cube scrambles and the layout is pretty!
Bad things : Only AO5. No AO12. The website loads slowly.
Score : 9/10 I love the graph. It shows how much you improved (or the opposite way around). One of my main timers. The other one is CCT.


Site link: http://www.eccentricgenius.com/wp/2010/03/02/rubiks-cube-timer/
Good things : It's a offline timer. Has a cool animation of a cube glowing (lol). It has a stop light thingy (like on the speedstacks timer). It isn't a jar file, but rather a .exe file. Has a graphing utility that shows you your times (AO12, single, etc)
Bad things : It's a offline timer, you can't access it from anywhere, only your computer (or who's ever you are using). Only 3x3 scrambles.
Score : 8.5/10 Needs improvment, but it's a good start. For more info, here's the original thread.

Rubik's Cube Timer

To do...


To do.....


To do...

ANYMORE?!?!? Please tell me. ( or you can do one for me :))

Finally! Thanks for reading this post, I hope it didn't irritate you (it was long). Well, good luck cubing!
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Dec 10, 2008
nice, i used to have a but of prejudice against your "XXX threads", but this one is very good :)


PS: I never meant that i invented this thread name......I was just saying that this kind of thread names are stupid..
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Mar 17, 2010
Portland, Oregon USA
Hi Koreancuber - this is a great summary, can you add MagicPuzzleCube store next time you update it? Thanks!


Website link: http://www.magic-puzzle-cube.com
Location: USA, Oregon
Items in Store: currently Lanlan, QJ and YJ products. local inventory.
Shipping: within 24hrs (often same day for AM orders); free shipping on $35 USA orders; or USPS calculated shipping
Service: Oregon/USA timezone same day response
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