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Team USA Jackets (Summer 2015 Order)


Professional Speedcuber
Mar 18, 2009
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Back by popular demand!

Info at brookscubing.com

Original post from two years ago:

Here's the initial message sent to three people (my international cube relay team: Rowe, Ricci and Hays) which eventually branched out into 35:

"Hey guys,

This is the first World Championship in the USA since '05, and it's sure to blow every previous Rubik's Cube competition out of the water. Wouldn't it be cool if it weren't only the European and Asian countries with "team" uniforms? After all, we're supposed to be obnoxious Americans full of patriotism and bravado.
Now, it's awfully late to be looking into uniforms on a wide scale-- especially considering the number of American competitors. However, there's still enough time on a small scale.
What I'd like to do is order screen printed quarter-zip jackets or track jackets with a small Team USA logo on the front left and possibly last names on the back. Pricing will *hopefully* be under $100 (it'll vary depending on the final specs and number of people interested).
It's too late to do this on a large scale, which is why I figure it makes sense to limit this offer to the top American competitors. There are more people than just us that could fit into that group, but I had to get the ball rolling by sending this to all of you. Feel free to extend this offer to other competitors who you think should be included.
I'm willing to take responsibility for everything from the logo being created (which I promise will look sweet) to bringing the jackets to Vegas. All I need from those of you interested is a 100% confirmation that you're in because I'll be spotting you the money when I place the order.
If you guys are interested, we can make this happen. Let me know what you think asap. I'll have to finalize everything within a week.


600 messages, a dozen design mockups, a few arguments and a lot of work later, I placed an order for several thousand dollars worth of jackets. If there is enough interest, I am willing to place another order and personally mail each jacket -- but only if there is enough interest.