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Switching to CFOP (Week 3)

Oct 12, 2020
In the park feeding Ducks
I'm just faster with those methods and I only know 100 ZBLL and all but 4 of the direct l5e algs for waterman. I would say lower move count but they also have lots more algs.
The keyword there was detailed. As in at least a paragraph. I'm not being a CFOP simp but it is not coherent at all to announce that statement as a inedible truth.

Pro-X Cubing

Jul 9, 2021
Charlotte, NC
CFOP is good, if you know what you re doin'. However, I highly recommend sticking with Roux. It is a lot better in many ways. (Fewer algs - no rotation, less notation, easier to solve with, etc.) If you stick with CFOP though, it will take longer, but rest assured you will be faster with it.