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Summer Goals 2020

Humble Cuber

Mar 26, 2020
Somewhere on Earth
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This summer I am planning to practice a good amount of cubes, and I have some goals that I want to achieve before summer ends. Make a post down below saying what your cubing goals are for this summer

2x2: Sub 3.5 and Sub 2 Single
3x3: Sub 16 and Sub 13 Single
4x4: Sub 1:30 and Sub 1:10 Single
5x5: Sub 2:10 and sub 2:00 Single
6x6: (I don't do 6x6)
7x7: Sub 7:00 and sub 6:30 Single
OH: Sub 30 and sub 25 Single
Pyraminx: Sub 4 and sub 3 Single
Skewb: Sub 15 and sub 12 Single
Sq-1: Sub 20 and Sub 15 Single
Megaminx: Sub 1:10 and Sub 1 Single
Clock: (I don't do clock)