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Suggestions for Simple Mods


Aug 9, 2015
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I just got two Guanlongs for the sole purpose of modding. I could either make two seperate mods, or one mod with both (e.g, siamese cube). Keep in mind that I:

Don't Have
A Belt Sander
A Bandsaw
Sticker Material
Spare Stickers
A Hand Saw

The 2 cubes
Masking Tape and Sharpies to make stickers from this tutorial:

I have already made: Edges only cube, Siamese Cube

It might sound hard to make a puzzle with no materials but the ones I already mentioned, but I already have a couple ideas. The one that stands out most is the fused cube, but just in case there is something better, leave some suggestions.
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Aug 25, 2017
This is how I made my siamese Rubik's cubes i don't think I am the only one to it this way. But I haven't looked up any plans so I can say this is my take I the Siamese cubes. I have used :
2x V-cube 3
Hot glue(optional)
Sandpaper( various grits )
Dremel tool
Step 1: Preparing the Cubes
To be able to work easier we must prevent the cubes from turning. So I taped them in their solved state. After you taped the puzzles then remove the stickers from the pieces that you are going to cut.
Step 2: Cutting the Corners
Using the dremel sanding bit slowly shaved off some of the material from the corners. Goal is creating a straight and even surface for glue to stick.
Step 3: Glueing the Corner Pieces to the Edge Piece to Add Stability (OPTIONAL)
After the cutting process you can apply glue between the cut pieces this part is optional but I think it makes the puzzle more stable
Step 4: Final Assembly
For the final assembly first fill the pieces with your filler of choice( I used hot glue ) and sand it flush. (This step only applies to puzzles that have hollow pieces. )
After the filling process you are ready to smear some superglue and press the puzzles together.
You can put the sticker on top and bottom to finish the project.
I hope this contribution is helpful.