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SUB 25 and want to improve my solving 3X3

Feb 13, 2015
Hello, I solve the cube in FRIDRICH method.
My best is 19:44 secs. (3X3X3 cube)
I know almost all the plls(except for 3) and 2look oll and a few algs (4 or 5 - the easy ones).
I know F2l, I use a few algs but I solve intuitivly.
So my question is, if I want to solve in SUB 20 what should I do? Should I learn more OLLs?? Learn F2L algs or intuitive?
If it will help I can upload a video of me solving this cube so u could say what do I need to improve.


Aug 27, 2014
Sunndal, Norway
For sub-25: Learn the rest of the PLLs and make sure you can recognize each F2L case quickly and excecute them somewhat efficient. You don't need algs for this, but you can look up algs for tricky cases.

For sub-20: Practice lookahead (solving pairs without pausing in between). This is really important and is what got me sub-20. You can do this by doing slow solves and concentrating on seeing the next pair while you're doing the current pair. Gradually increase your TPS as you get better. Full OLL helps quite a lot, but it isn't required for sub-20.