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[Unofficial] Sub 20 Average of 5 with 5 Different Methods

Daniel Wu

Premium Member
Jan 27, 2009
Rochester, NY
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Average of 5: 19.02
ZZ: 19.39 D' R' L F2 D' B' U2 B' R2 U' F' D' F U2 F' B2 D' R2 F' R U2 R' D2 B2 L2
Petrus: 19.57 D' B' U L' B2 D L' B' F2 R U' L U D2 B R2 B2 F2 L B' L' R B L D'
CFOP: (15.85) L R2 U D2 F' D' L' F2 R2 B' R' B2 L2 F B2 U R B D' U' R' L F2 R' D2
Roux: 18.12 U2 R2 F2 L' D2 F' U2 L F B' U R F' R2 F L' R2 B' D B2 U F2 B2 L2 F2
LBL (4LLL): (24.17) B L' U2 F' D2 B D2 F' U R2 D' L' D F' L2 D2 R' B L' D2 L B D' F R

Skipped CP in the LBL solve and OLL in the Petrus solve.

4 edges flipped in the ZZ solve. I'm awful at ZZ blocks or whatever. Petrus EO was awful but I got saved by the COLL skip. CFOP was bad but I knew it was going to be my best solve so w/e. Roux was good for blocks. Bad CmLL and terrible LSE. :( LBL was a joke. :p

Was fun. :D
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Premium Member
Apr 5, 2009
Cool idea and nice job. This type of Avg5 should catch on