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Sticky Along V2

Dec 8, 2015
Thread starter #1
So i got this Along V2 years ago when it first came out, i diddnt care for it much so i threw it in a box. I just found it the other day. Like it must have been sitting for 3 years maybe longer. I noticed it was EXTREMELY sticky. So i did what i do with all my cubes, Took it all apart. Put a drop of dawn and let it sit in hot water for a bit. Dried it out. Lubed the hardware. Put it back together and let it sit for a few hours to dry. Did a few solves dry. Then did a tension job. It turns pretty good, but a bit crunchy. But it was still sticky so i put some Lubicle 1 and some dnm 37. The thing turns so fast BUT if slow down it still sticks. its hard to describe, like if i turn slow it almost like skips and chirps. Im not the fastest solver either so that doesn't help, (30 Sec Average) I have other cubes, but i really want this one to work. Ive done a some research and i guess there was different versions of the V2, new and old plastic? and i guess the v1 had some issues, this is the only thing i can think of? I assumed the Lubicle 1 would help since it has Teflon in it?