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Spreadsheet I created to predict competition times

Aug 16, 2014
Webster Groves, MO
This could probably be improved, but...

How it works:
Copy it into your drive (hopefully it lets you :3)
In all of the blue boxes, input the appropriate thing.
B11 will give you prediction

What to enter:
B2-F2: Averages from your previous competitions, most recent first. If you have been to fewer than 5, leave the rightmost boxes blank.
B3-F3: How long ago in weeks you went to each competition. Pretend that today is the day of the competition you are predicting. Use this to calculate: http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html
H2: World record average in whatever event you are doing. I have only tried it for 3x3, so it might be a bit goofy otherwise.

This is just for fun, and is intended as a rough estimate, and it doesn't use any super fangshi math. Try it a bit cuz yeah why not