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SpeedSolving.com Answers | What is the worst incident that happened to you in a Competition?

White KB

Premium Member
Oct 3, 2017
The Walker Warehouse
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Well, I had some mishaps at my first (and only so far) competition...
1. I didn't pack actual pants, so I wore my minion pajama pants instead.
2. Starting off skewb First Round, someone thought I had stolen their skewb, so I went over to where they were and watched them look for it and find it, so it kind of proved useless.
3 (-ish). I got a 37 second solve in 3x3.
4. I thought I was getting called up for Pyraminx First Round, and it turns out I had to go back to the main area instead, and I got called up later.
5 (-ish). I didn't arrive early, so all the seats were taken. I had to find a place to sit, which was kind of awkward.
That's it