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Speedcubing in California


Mar 16, 2016
San Diego or thereabouts
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Alright, well, same drill as last time, folks! If you need to contact me, email me ([email protected]) and I'll respond as quickly as possible. My email goes to my phone so I'll see it even if it's late. If you need my phone number for directions or anything, just email me saying that.

Everyone should bring their A-game as it's just before U.S. Nationals so we're all going to be competitive today as a warm-up for the big event. Don't forget to bring at least $2 for your entry fee if you want to compete in the unofficial competition. We may do $2 per event if everyone wants prizes for every event but, if not, then we'll just do a flat $2 entrance fee.

See you all there at 11 A.M. today!
I need a cubing competition in san Diego county. There seems to be exactly none(I cant do sundays, because crap's always going on on sundays)