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Some Super Easy Megaminx PLLs! (that every megaminxer should know)


May 7, 2018
Washington State, USA
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Megaminx PLL is definitely not an easy alg set to tackle, but here is what I think are the easiest ones in the set.
Nice video! I think this will be helpful to a lot of intermediate megaminx solvers.
Some thoughts I had:

For T-perm recognition, I look for the lone corner and put it in UFR
For the second R-perm (headlights on the right), you can either mirror or reverse the alg you showed
I would include CP/EP only as important PLLs, since if you don't know all the CP cases, you're not even really doing full 4LLL, and you really should know full 4LLL before trying to start 3LLL

Overall though, it was a well-made video with some useful algs! Looking forward to more of these :)