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[Official] Solves From LSC Open 2010

Ernie Pulchny

May 5, 2010
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Master Magic: 2.37 NAR avg, 1.96 NAR single:

This was really good for me, I finally broke the NAR average, which I've wanted to since I've gotten faster. The NAR single was good too.

3x3: 16.78 single, 19.44 avg:

This was really good for me, the 16.78 solve is my new official best single. The average is also my new official best time, but I was so close to getting to the second round, the top 24 achieved and I was in 25th place in the first round.

3x3 OH: 33.06 single:

This was really good for me, it beats my previous official best by one tenths of a second. The average I've gotten was 42.13, which was okay.