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Solve Analysis & Improvement Plan service — Take your speedsolving to the next level and fast-track progression


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Apr 1, 2017
Galar Region
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At some point in your cubing career, you will find that your times plateau. Your improvement will slow down, and you won't be sure how to get faster. At this point, one of the most useful things you can do is seek advice from other cubers on how to improve your solves.

I average 11 seconds on 3x3 and I've been in the cubing community for 7 years—I know what it takes to improve and reach goals, and I want to help others with that. So:

I am offering comprehensive solve critiques and improvement plans!

My service includes:
- A reconstruction of an average of 5 of your solves and a written analysis of everything you did, including all of the strengths and weaknesses.
- A thorough (1–2 page) summary that explains what you need to work on as well as what drills and practice techniques you should use.
- A total of 7–10 pages of personalized content.

Please see an example excerpt from an unpaid solve critique I recently did attached to this post! You can also view the PDF online here.

– "How do I know your help will be useful to me?" –
I recently did an unpaid test critique/plan for @Insert---Name, a 14-second Roux solver, in order to gauge how beneficial my advice is. Here's what he had to say about it:

"I really like the way you presented [the analysis] with the different colors for the time, move count, and TPS to show which of the three I did well in. You went through each step with great detail and compared the solves to each other to give more context. I also liked the SB and FB solutions you gave since F2B is my most inefficient step. I liked that you put links to alg.cubing.net for the reconstructions. The improvement plan was really good... It was well thought out and it gave me a lot of ways to improve... Would buy again."

When I asked if he would recommend my service to others, he said: "Yes. It can be really helpful if you're stuck and can't improve. Getting help from other people may just be the thing that you need to get faster."

– "Why should I buy a critique from you instead of from a faster solver?" –
Unless you're already a sub-10 solver, a top cuber likely won't be able to provide any advice that I can't give you, because you won't be at a level where more advanced tips will be relevant and helpful. I believe that I can take a cuber down to sub-10 territory, if not faster.
In addition, my critiques are much more thorough and will provide more value than the others.

– "What methods do you critique?" –
I'm a CFOP solver, so I primarily do CFOP critiques. However, I am also proficient with Roux (see the critique attached to this post). I’d be happy to also provide assistance on ZZ, Petrus, and other methods too, but there are others who are more qualified than me on those.

– "I'm sold. How do I get one of these?" –
Reply to this thread, and I'll send you a Private Message, or just PM me directly and we'll take it from there. My service costs $25, paid in advance with Google Pay or Venmo, and I average 2–5 days to deliver.

This thread will serve as a discussion area for my service as well as a place for me to post updates or announcements. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Happy cubing!

The service is now live!


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Nov 15, 2019

I have been a happy customer of Aerma's solve critiques / coaching services for the last couple of weeks and I am very satisfied.

Over the course of few weeks my average* went from around 21.0 to something around 19.5. Over this short period of time I have set new all major PB's and in general feel much more confident in my solves.
*global average with 15s inspection

Before I have used all paid and some free critique services I could find. (I think it was 7 or 8 in total) From all those services only two had an actual noticeable impact on my solving. The first was Jayden's analysis + improvement plan and the second was from Aerma's.

Aerma is a very analytical person but also a great listener and a nice person. I enjoy working with her a lot and I intend to continue using her coaching as I feel there is still a lot I can learn and discover from it.