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(SOLD) Selling the worst magnetic 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 ever produced (by far)


Dec 20, 2016
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Norther...
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I made the mistake of purchasing 2 shengshou MrM 6x6x6 and 7x7x7s, one of each for my collection and to review and one of each for store stock.

I have since realised just how bad they are and do not feel it is acceptable to list them on my website incase some new cuber decides to buy them thinking they might actually be good (any cube store claiming they are 'good for beginners' should be ashamed of themselves, they are not in the slightest), for this reason I hope to sell them here, get them off my hands so that we are not running at as much of a loss with them but to someone who wants them for collection purposes, not for someone who thinks they will actually be good. So prices are slightly negotiable, buyer pays shipping from the UK but I can ship practically anywhere.

Shengshou MrM 6x6x6: £9

Shengshou MrM 7x7x7: £10

P.S. they are brand new, in the box if that is not already clear.
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