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Sir's CFOP Journey Step 2: Basic OLL


May 15, 2022
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I have been using beginners method since I started cubing and my PB is 38s
But I have recently decided to start learning CFOP!
I started by first learning some basic F2L. After a couple of days I can do Beginner F2L, however I still do it slowly and I sometimes have an annoying case that I don't understand, but I'm doing it!
I will update this post regularly with my progress so keep an eye!

Day 1: My Journey Begins
Day 2 - Day 6: I continuously practice my F2L Skills(but I'm still not timing myself)
Day 7 - Didn't practice cause I was busy:(
Day 8 - Finished practicing and now I know basic F2L! HECK YEAH. This also means I'm starting to learn basic OLL which is 10 algs,so I hope I'll learn soon!

Wish me Luck!

*im learning everything from J Perm
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