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Selling various puzzles (PayPal only)


Friendly, Neighbourhoodly
Jul 24, 2009
Reno, Nevada, United States
Hey all, I have a bunch of puzzles that I just don't need lying around, so they're for sale here.

Shipping is 2+n USD to US/Canada, where n is the number of puzzles you're purchasing.
If you order a bunch of puzzles, shipping may be less than 2+n. PM me, let's make a deal.
International shipping will cost more, but we'll work something out.

Maru Face-Turning Octahedron in box, lube included (black, lightly used) - $10
QJ "King Kong" Cube in box (skewb variant, white, never been opened) - $10
Mefferts Polymorphinx (skewb variant, black, lightly used) - $15
mf8 Megaminx Version I (black, lightly used) - $9
LanLan 2x2 (white, moderately used) - $5 each (quantity: 2)
QJ Skewb (black, hardly used) - $6

I also have a bunch of 3x3 stickers from ages past (let's hear it for Edison cubes!)

PM if interest.

~your friendly neighbourhood Ranzha

updated 13 October 2013
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