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Selling/trading some cubes I don't want anymore.

Dec 19, 2016
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Edit: I am going to the beach on the 30th. PM me any bulk offers while I'm gone. I decided the lowest I'm going for is 75+shipping (If its like 5$ or less, I won't charge you.) If I have nothing, I will list prices on each cube.

I have gotten a few cubes over some time and have decided I don't want to keep them all. I will give 5 days for anyone to make an offer to buy all of them, and if nobody does in that time, I will sell them individually, but you still can make an offer to buy the remaining cubes. I do not have any prices listed on them right now, if you want to buy them in bulk, pm me and we can try to work something out. Shipping will be payed for by the buyer.

I also would like to accumulate some cubes. Wingy Skewb, Yuxin Blue, and the Qiyi WuShuang. I plan to magnetize the Blue and the WuShuang, and will buy/trade for M versions, just don't expect me to pay much more than what the price would be if I did it.

The cubes:
Black YJ Guansu
Black MF3RS
Black Thunderclap V2
Black Zhanci 2017
Black Weishi GTS
Black Thunderclap M without springs
Black Bochuang (Missing a blue center cap at the moment, but I potentially could buy one soon)
Black AIII (Missing the white center cap, not 100% sure this is the AIII, just been told it is.)
Black SS Aurora megaminx
Black SS 3x3 without any center caps or a blue corner cap
2xWhite Dollar store 3x3
White unstickered Dayan Megaminx
Brody Schoon, "Have A Sweet Valentine." Card with a lolly pop.
Silver Black SS mirror cube
White Dollar store barrel cube
Rubik's 2.0 without WRG corner
Rubik's Void cube
Black Kungfu 4x4 with letters over most of the stickers (I tried using this for 4BLD, but I messed up some)
Cubix Tube
Black Qiyi Valk
MF5S stickerless.

I'll add in my Yuxin 5x5 if somebody trades something for a WuShuang.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Pic of the cubes:


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