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Selling/Trading Magnetic Cubes and also cheap magnetizing service.

Philip Meyer

Mar 7, 2017
Disclaimer: All cubes will be tensioned and lubed as closely to your preference as possible. I also have a guarantee, that if I mess up anything, I will get a replacement cube.

I am offering:

-Magnetizing service
- Magnetic Cubes for sale.

Magnetizing service:

I have magnetized dozens of 3x3s and can guarantee a good magnetization. My preference and recommendation of magnet strength are N35 but I will magnetize with N38 or N45. The shipping cost will be split, you providing the cost for the giving of the cube and I will cover the return to you. The service is preferably Europewide, with shipping within Europe costing 8 Euros. Shipping for the US will cost more, 15 Dollars.
If you don't want to send me a cube but rather want a new one, just tell me what cube and I will buy the cube from a local store, magnetize it, set it up and send it to you. The cube will be covered by you but I will pay the shipping.
The prices are as following:
- Magnetize normal 3x3s( this means cubes like MF3RS, Yan 3, Warrior W, Aolong, Thunderclap even Valk 3s)--- 12 Euros
-Magnetize special 3x3s( Gan Air, or cubes that have a different mechanism.) --14 Euros
Magnetize 2x2(almost any kind)---8 Euros

Cubes for sale:
- The Valk 3M --25 Euros, the cube has N35 magnets but they feel quite strong, the cube is kind of slow but I will lube and tension it.
- Yan 3M-- 20 Euros, I also used N35 magnets, they are strong but provide a stable feel, the cube is fast, will be set up.
-Some other cubes I can magnetize on request, just pm me.
-Warrior W M--13, since this is a budget cube, I can't ask too much for it, I did mess it up a little but it works fine and I would recommend it for beginners who just wanna start with a budget magnetic cube

I am willing to trade the cubes, for similar priced or rare puzzles(OP Dayan Zhanchi 3x3, or OP Dayan 2x2, GTS (M), GTS 2(M), Valk 3(M)) I can

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