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Selling/Trading accessories and many cubes with cheap prices! All cubes have been lubed with DNM-37


Dec 31, 2019
I am selling some used cubes I don't think I'll use anymore. All cubes are lubed with DMN-37 Shipping rates and details will be included in a DM, individual pictures are available upon request. All prices are in USD. For safety, I wiped down all the cubes with a disinfecting cloth. All purchases will be greatly appreciated. Shipping isn’t included. Cubes are in order left to right. The credit handle is there because I am also selling on reddit.

~ SpeedStacks Timer Bundle GX Edge -Green ($19)
~ Cubicle Labs Yulong V2 M - Stickerless Bright ($14)
~ Magnetic Moyu Skewb ($10)
~ QiYi QiCheng A Skewb ($6.50)
~ Sudoku Cube (Stickers slightly peeled & unsolved) ($5)
~ YJ GuanPo Plus 2x2 (SOLD
~ Unknown Brand 2x2 ($3.50)
~MFJS Axis Cube (Unsolved) -Stickerless ($5)
~ Ghost Cube (Missing Center Piece) -Stickerless ($5)
~ YJ Guanlong Pyraminx -White ($6)
~MFJS Axis Cube (SOLD) -Stickerless ($5)
~QiYi Square-1 (Boxed) -Stickerless ($8)
~Rubik's Spark (Not in photo) - ($15)
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