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Selling/Trading a few puzzles


Apr 10, 2020
On Discord
Hey guys, I sort of want to unload on a few of my cubes/puzzles. All are in really good condition, with the exception of a few listed separately. Prices are negotiable, and am very open to trades.

Good condition cubes:

Dayan Tengyun M - $16 (Stickerless)
Hand-magnetized Valk 3 M (Less than 100 solves) - $17 (Stickerless)
YLM Megaminx V2 - $5 (Stickerless)
X-Man Wingy Skewb - $7 (Stickerless)
Meilong 3c M, Glossed according to SCR's tutorial - $9
Unbranded Mirror Blocks (Silver stickers) - $4

Other cubes:
Qiyi Wuque, the guy who sold it to me had it for a long time and the screws are rusty - $6
YLM Sq-1 sort of m (some of the magnets are missing but the slice ones are intact) - $4

All the "Good condition cubes" come pre-set up with cubicle weight 5 on the core and scs weight
1 and Lunar on the pieces

In the picture, the order of the cubes, listed from left to right, are, Dayan Tengyun M, Valk 3 M, YLM Megaminx, X-man Wingy, Meilong 3c M, Unbranded Mirror Blocks, Qiyi Wuque, YLM Sq-1.

Cubes Picture Low Memory.png

PM for more information!

Paying via Paypal and shipping from the US