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Selling tons of cubes for cheap! (Prices Negotiable)

Sep 14, 2018
My Desk
I am not quitting cubing or anything, I just have less time for it and I am moving in a few weeks so I need to get rid of some of my cubes. Prices are negotiable, and I am able to set any puzzle up. I have almost any lube you can think of so just let me know your preferred setup. Most cubes don't have all accessories or boxes, but all are in excellent condition.Prices in USD

US Shipping only- $4 for 1 cube and $1 per additional cube
All cubes are stickerless unless specified otherwise

MGC v2-5
Gan 354 v1-15
YLM self magnetized-5
RS3M- 5
Kylin V2 M- 3
Valk Mini M- 8
Valk Power M- 12
Gts1 M (Stickered)- 10
Gan X Numerical IPG (Stickered)- 25
EDM (Stickered, 2 available)- 10
RS2M- 10
RS2M (96 Magnets)- 15
RS2M Boron Treated (Stickered)- 25
Misc Gan cube M (Stickered, I think it is a gan air)- 5
GTS2M (Stickered)- 10
Valk Elite- 25
Meilong M (Self magnetized, Like 10 available)- 4

Valk M- 7
Zanglang M (Stickered)- 5
Gan 249 v1 M- 5

meilong M (Self Magnetized, 2 available)- 8
GTS2 M- 15
Gts1 M (Stickered)- 10

Meilong M -5
Yufu v2 M -5
YLM- 5

Shaddow M- 20
YLM (Self Magnetized)-15

I have some other stuff too, but I am too lazy to list it. It is mostly just older speed cubes or non-WCA stuff. PM me if interested or want pics of anything.