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Selling these Cubes! No trade, sale only


Dec 31, 2013
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Okay, I am selling these cubes:
- White SS 4x4 v4 (£8) - very good condition, hardly ever used (10 solves, maybe less)
- Black GuHong V2 (£7)
- White WitTwo V2 (£5)
- White SS Wind (£2.50) - cube is very well used, stickers are in bad shape
- White C4Y Pyraminx (£6)

All cubes are lubed and tensioned

Shipping to Europe - £3 per package (5-7 days)

These prices are for European cubers. If you are non-European, we can discuss shipping prices further. Of course I am open to bartering on prices, but I won't stray too far from the original prices.


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