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Selling some new and used cubes


Oct 22, 2012
New York
Hi, I looking to sell some cubes I received from Christmas and getting rid of some cubes that I don't really play with anymore.

White MF8 tiled Megaminx v2 - Used only a few solves $10

White Z Gear Cube- Used has a broken edge $3

White YJ Fisher Cube v1 - New in Box $9

White YJ Windmill Cube v1 - New in Box $9

White DianSheng Axis Cube - New $9

White ShengShou 9x9 - New in Box $70

Black Edison Cube - New in plastic wrap with stand $10

I live in the U.S and shipping is probably around $3 each cube. Or take them all for $105 with free shipping and a new bottle of 10 mL maru lube.

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