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Selling Some Cubes (Valk 5M, RS3M)


May 23, 2020
Shipping to the US included. If International, I could try to work something out. All cubes are in good condition and set up to the best of my ability. Ask about trades.

Valk 5M Stickerless - $40

MF3RS3M Black - $15

Meilong 3x3 Stickerless (strong magnets) - $15

ADD ONS: Must purchase one of the 3 above to get these

Unmagnetic Meilong 4x4 - $5
Shengshou Mirror Blocks Silver - $3
Qiyi Qifa Square 1 Stickerless - $5
Qiyi Qizheng Megaminx Stickerless Sculpted - $6
Little Magic Megaminx V2 Stickerless - $8