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Selling shengshou 5x5, Mojue M3 M, Dayan 2x2, Gans Air S, cubing classroom pyraminx, cubing classroom square-1.


Jun 29, 2018
Halifax Nova Scotia
Gans Air S 10$ Sold
Shengshou 5x5 7$ Sold
Mojue M3 M (N35 magnets) 10$ Sold
CC pyraminx 3$ Sold
CC Squan 3$ Sold
Dayan 2x2 (new plastic) 5$ Sold
Prices are on CAD I will also trade any one or more of these cubes for a Wuque, X-Man Wingy or lube. PM me to discuss trades and shipping. I accept PayPal and the first person to buy something gets a cube stand.
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