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Selling POM Dayan Guhong *SOLD*


May 22, 2017
***This puzzle has been claimed. Thank you to anyone who showed interest in the cube.***

Recently, I have been going through some of my cubes and decided I can part with one of my old Dayan Guhongs. The particular one I am selling is a white in POM plastic.
For those of you somewhat unfamiliar with Guhongs, Dayan produced them in 3 different plastics; old plastic, POM, and new plastic. The POM version was a sort of special edition of the Guhong. It was also a bit smaller than the regular Guhongs, only by about a millimeter, because of how the POM plastic shrunk in the molds slightly more than ABS. Just like the old plastic, the POM versions are discontinued and quite difficult to find.
I am asking $30+shipping for the puzzle. Only payment method accepted is U.S. Postal Money Orders. Please PM me if you're interested.

Here is a close up size comparison of the cube with a regular Guhong in blue plastic:

Finally, a picture of the sticker that came with the DIY bag for this cube when I first got it:
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