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Selling or Trading Valk 3 Mini, Valk 3, and X-Man Wingy Skewb.


Premium Member
Oct 20, 2018
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Hi! I stumbled upon some high-quality cubes that I don't use anymore, and am willing to sell or trade them. If you have a cube that you would be willing to trade, please offer that before selling it, as I would much rather new puzzles. For all of these puzzles, you pay shipping, and it will be sent through USPS. I will strictly only send the cube once I have received confirmation that you have shipped your cube or paid the money. Personal Message me if you are interested in anything or want to check how much shipping will cost. All prices are negotiable.

Black Stickered X-Man wingy skewb: $11
The X-Man Wingy Skewb is a high-quality skewb made by Qiyi, and it is sold on the cubicle for about $14. This was my main for about half a year but does not have much use because I do not practice skewb very much. It is in good condition but is a little dry. Nothing is wrong with it that lube couldn't fix.

Stickerless Valk 3: $13
The Valk 3 is another high-quality cube made by Qiyi, and I am selling it because I accidentally bought another one so I now have two. It is sold on the Cubicle for about 20 dollars. It is in very good condition and has very little use. The only thing is that it fell in a pool once, so it needs some lube as well.

Black Stickered Valk 3 Mini (4.47cm): $13
The Valk 3 Mini is a good cube for One-Handed, especially if you have trouble gripping the cube. It is sold on The Cubicle for seventeen dollars, and the one that I have is in perfect condition. It has only been used once, so it should be just like new.

Remember, please PM me if you need anything, and try to avoid posting on this thread about shipping or offers.