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Selling most of my collection - 79 puzzles + lots of stickers


Premium Member
Jun 27, 2008
I'm asking 350$ and I will cover shipping.
One puzzle is missing 2 stickers, the rest are in great shape.
Several of these puzzles were purely for my collection and weren't played with.

Some notable puzzles are : 6x6x6 V-cube with brand new chrome stickers, Gans 356, Gans 357, V-cube 7, Limited Edition PAX 2x2x2.
Almost all of the puzzles have stickers in good condition.
Included are several sets of 3x3x3 stickers from Cubesmith, a full set of 10x10x10 stickers, mirror cube stickers, 4x4x4 stickers , Maru lube, and Traxxis lube.

I'll ship within 1 day of payment, please send a PM if interested. Thanks.