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Selling many cubes for very cheap.


Aug 12, 2015
Long Island.
Hi everyone. I've taken about a three-year hiatus from cubing as I've been very busy with school. I recently tried to get back into cubing, and it just doesn't interest me anymore. I'd like to sell a big chunk of my cube collection to help me pay for my college tuition. Prices are very cheap and reasonable, and hopefully everyone can find something useful.
Mozhi Watch Tower $3
Dayan Zhanchi 55mm $5
Shengshou Aurora $4
Shengshou Mirror cube $4
Rainbow Mirror Cube $4
Mefferts Gear barrel $25
2x2x3 cube $3
Shengshou Pyraminx $5
Shengshou Megaminx’s $9
Rubiks Clock $5.50
Yuxin Stickerless 2x2 $2
Dayan 2x2 $7.50
Lanlan rex cube $6.50
Ghost Cube $13
Helicopter cube $5
All cubes are very well lubricated and in great condition. If you're buying in bulk, I can give you a small discount on each cube. I don't ship outside of U.S, and I accept Paypal for payment. I will ship for free if buying more than $30 worth of cubes. I'll also throw in free stuff if buying multiple cubes. I'm shipping out of New York.