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Selling lots of cubes at Carolina Clock competition this Saturday (Nov. 17)!


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Apr 1, 2017
Galar Region
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I never use the majority of my puzzle collection, so I'm bringing most of my unused puzzles to sell at Carolina Clock 'Straviganza 2018! I won't put prices here because I usually come up with them on the spot. After the competition I'm totally willing to sell them over mail (PayPal)! Here's the list of what I'll be bringing:
- ShengShou 9x9 (restickered with full brights with sky blue)
- (5x) QiYi Warrior W 3x3
- MoYu Magnetic Pyraminx that seems to be missing some magnets but still works well
- ShengShow gigaminx
- (2x) Speedcubeshop spooky speedcube – one is stickered, one is just orange without stickers
- Yuxin huanglong 3x3
- qiyi square-1 (with nut mod to prevent stripping
- qiyi square-1 (without nut mod)
- 2x2 transform pyraminx
- qiyi ancient coin cube
- qiyi thunderclap (v1)
- cyclone boys mini 4x4
- valk power m 3x3
- x-man galaxy megaminx v1 (sculpted)
- x-man galaxy megaminx v1 (convex)
- SCS cosmic yuxin little magic m 3x3 (needs breaking in)
- guoguan yuexiao pro m 3x3
- moyu 5x5 (weichuang? it's the one they released after the bochuang gts I think)
- moyu windmill mirror cube
- qiyi wuque m 4x4
- shengshou 2x2 megaminx
- C4U 3x3x5
- mini valk 3x3 (pink plastic)
- unnamed stickerless 3x3 (maybe kungfu?)
- original moyu pyraminx
- moyu weipo 2x2 (stickerless)
- (2x) qiyi big sail 3x3
- gold mirror blocks with white plastic
- MF3RS 3x3
- GAN SM 3x3 (yellow nuts)
-moyu weilong gts2m
- moyu weilong gts2m (stickerless)
- qiyi wuque 4x4 (stickerless)
- moyu skewb
- moyu 5x5 mastermorphix
- moyu tanglong 3x3 (primary plastic)
- ghost floppy cube
- yuxin little magic
- 3 non-wca puzzles from PuzzlCrate I don't remember the name of – 1 is a 3x3 with weirdly shaped pieces, one is a tetrahedron with super weird turning, one is a Calvin's cubicicosahedron I think?)

If anyone here wants to buy anything then I'll update with what I'll be wearing Friday night or Saturday morning.
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