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Selling: Gan air UM, Dayan Guhong v4, traxxax 10k,30k,50k

Nov 17, 2020
Hello friends. I wish to sell a Gan air UM, Dayan Guhong v4, and traxxax lube. 10k and 30k are more than half the bottle and 50k about 1/4 th the bottle. The stickers on gan um is little chipped . But I can provide with extra sticker set. Including all ges nuts. Guhong v4 is stickerless. Only wish to sell in India. Please contact me through email : [email protected] if you wish to buy. I'm looking to sell these items for ₹3400 . Real price for which I bought ( gan um : ₹3400 guhong v4 : ₹1050 traxxas : ₹1300 + shipping) . Price will be negotiable
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