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Selling Florian Modded 5x5, Moyu Weisu 4x4, and Moyu Weilong V1


Aug 8, 2014
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Quick note- You get a discount if you buy more than one (shipping plus handling)

Florian Modded Shengshou 5x5- Very well florian modded, doesn't pop, turns amazing. Very well broken in, hundreds of solves. Half bright stickers with light blue. $22-25

Moyu Weisu 4x4- Pretty gummy, still fast and has a few hundred solves on it. Nothing has been done to the core- just some lube on the pieces and tight tensions to reduce inner piece popping. Tension and lube to your preference. Half bright stickers. $12-15

Moyu Weilong V1- Also a bit gummy, still fast. EXTREMELY broken in. Has easily 10000+ solves on it. This was my main for more than 6 months. Tension and lube, as well as clean, to your preference. Half bright stickers. $8-10

Shipping is $5 regardless of how many cubes you buy. If you buy one, it's $5. If you buy all three, it's still $5. I'll also give a further discount if you buy more than one. For example, I'll sell the 5x5 individually for $25 and the 4x4 individually for 14 or 15. If you buy both I'll sell for 23 and 13, and if you buy all three cubes I'll sell for 22, 12, and 6. So you're saving about $15 if you buy all three. Just an incentive :]