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Apr 8, 2021
Hey y'all. Was into speedsolving for around 4 years through middle school but haven't touched anything in a few years. Going to be moving into my own place soon so I want to try to sell my collection to someone who will find better use out of it.

Looking for around $300 $150 for the full collection. At the moment, I'm not interested in selling anything individually. This is an all-or-nothing offer.

Tried my best to remember/look up the names of everything, but this list may still not be 100% accurate. Items with a [box] around the number mean I have the box for the puzzle as well. Not sure if anyone else cares about that but figured I'd include it regardless. Quality on these puzzles range from very old to barely used.
1 - Speedstacks mat and timer Gen3
2 - Manuals and booklets for various cubes
3 - 4x4 and 5x5 sticker sheets, on the Shengshou 4x4 and 5x5
4 - Screwdrivers and cube stands
[5] - WitTwo Type C 2x2 (disassembled)
6 - TheCubicle 1x1
7 - Moyu Lingpo(?) 2x2
[8] - Fangshi Shishuang 2x2 (tiled)
[9] - Fangshi Shuangren 3x3
[10] - Moyu AoLong
[11] - Moyu HuanYing
[12] - YJ YuLong (transparent)
13 - Shengshou pyraminx
14 - Cyclone Boys Jisuzhifeng(?)
15 - Rubik's Speedcube
16 - Newisland Phoenix (with bag)
17 - Las Vegas cube (the one on the left broke after taking the picture)
18 - Rubik's Speedcube (old version, one piece will not go in)
[19] - YJ Fisher Cube
[20] - LanLan Skewb
[21] - X-Cube
22 - CubeTwist Square-1
[23] - Dayan Zhanchi (with Japanese calendar stickers)
[24] - Cyclone Boys 4x4
25 - Shengshou 4x4 V5(?)
[26] - Mari Mini 3x3 (30mm)
27 - Shengshou 5x5 (old)
[28] - Shengshou 6x6
[29] - Moyu AoFu (pillowed)
30 - LingAo Clock
[31] - Shengshou 3x3 Mirror Cube
[32] - Dayan Megaminx I
33 - Shengshou Megaminx
34 - Z Gear Cube V1
35 - LingAo Magic
36 - LingAo Master Magic
37 - Z 2x2x3
38 - 1x3x3 (unknown brand)
39 - 2x3x3 (unknown brand)
[40] - Shengshou Magic Snake
41 - Siamese Cube (homemade from two Rubik's brand cubes)
42 - YJ Fortune Cat 2x2

labeled image smaller.jpg

Feel free to contact me here or at [email protected] if you're interested or have any questions.
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