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Selling Cubicle Labs Cubes and More!


May 30, 2018
United States
Clearing out some of my cubes, I will try my best to state any defects and describe the cube in greater detail. Worldwide shipping.

Yuxin 11x11 Stickerless - bought it on here but I really don't need it anymore (make offer)

Cubicle Labs Valk M stickerless- $30, basically new, still gummy because I did not break in the lube. I prefer other cubes over this.

Cubicle Pro Shop Valk Power M stickerless- $make offer, about 200 solves on it, mostly broken in. (orange cap is signed by Mats Valk btw.)

Cubicle Pro Shop XingHen Black- $15, broken in, stickers in good condition (little knick on white site- visible in image)

Cubicle Labs GTS2 M Lite Stickerless- $30 good condition

Handmade Yuxin Blue M Stickerless- $30 good condition

GTS2 M Black (stronger than mp) - $20 good condition- stickers a bit worn

Handmade Wushuang M stickerless- 45 good condition

also have some 2014-2016 era cubes (about 50) so if you're interested in the list let me know.

Shipping is $3 for the USA, and free shipping with purchases of 3 or more items. Payment is paypal.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to make an offer :)
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