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Selling Cubicle Labs, Cosmic, Angstrom & more...


May 30, 2018
United States
- All cubes are in good condition
- All cubes are stickerless
- I prefer to sell it as a combined lot, but if you want only one, PM me.
- PM me price offers.
- Payment is via PayPal

CPS = Cubicle Pro Shop (it's the $5 addition on stock puzzles)


Valk2 M (CPS Lubed)
X-Man Bell Pyraminx (CPS Lubed)
Pro-Shop Moyu WR M
Angstrom Gan 356 X
Cosmic Wingy Skewb
Valk4 M (Core + pieces setup by me)
MoYu Aochuang GTS M 5x5 (CPS Lubed)
Cubicle Labs Volt Square 1 MS
Pro Shop Spark M 7x7

I will also include a bunch of free lubes if anyone buys the bundle.
Also included are a few sticker sets (full bright), and some misc. logos if anyone buys the bundle.