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Selling cubes I don't use anymore for $10 each

Matthew W

Jun 24, 2018
$10 for 1

Free shipping is US

prices lowered if more than one is bought

Cubes are stickered unless specified otherwise

Rubik's 2x2
Qiyi Qidi
Qiyi Qidi S (actually pretty good)
Some random 2x2 (Stickered) (setup with weight 5)
Magnetic MF2

Gan Air S
Yuxin Kylin 3x3 (some broken torpedos) (setup with Angstrom lubes)
MF3RS3 (stickered and stickerless)
MF3RS2 (stickered and stickerless)
Yuxin Little Magic (stickered and stickerless)
Some random 3x3 (stickerless) (setup with weight 5)
Some random 3x3 (stickered) (letters for blind)
Twisted 3x3 (stickerless)
YJ Yulong transparent
Magnetized Gan 356 R (stickerless) (magnets strength varies)
Cake cube

Qiyi Qiyuan
Moyu Aosu
Qiyi Wuque (stickered and stickerless) (will magnetize for extra $5)

MF5 S (stickerless)
Qiyi Wshuang

XMD Shadow (not magnetic)

Qiyi Qixing
Qiyi Wuji (stickerless) (magnetized inner layer)

XMD Galaxy v1

Moyu skewb (set up with weight 5)

XMD volt MS

Transparent pyraminx

Qiyi 2x2x3

Skewb Extreme
Shengshou master pyraminx
Ghost Cube (disassembled)