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Selling Cubes I Don't Need (Incomplete list will continue to update)

Apr 13, 2015
All of these cubes are used. Since I'm strapped on time I'm only going to be listing a few puzzles for now but I will continue to update. I will only ship domestically (US) and accept payment via paypal, zelle, or venmo. Email me at [email protected] for inquiries and purchases. Prices may or may not be negotiable, depending on the puzzle.

White Shengshou Skewb: $4,00

Rubik's Brand Tactile 3x3 Cube: $7.00

Black Plastic YJ Yulong?: (Not 100% certain it's a Yulong but it's definitely YJ and it's definitely an old school budget cube. Will send images to confirm): $1.50

White Plastic Original Moyu Magnetic Skewb: (minimal use): $7.00

White Plastic Original Qiyi Magnetic Pyraminx (rare, no longer produced): $6.00

Thanks for your interest! Will continue to update tomorrow and days to follow.

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