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[Selling] Cubes I don't need anymore


Sep 7, 2018
I do not need these cubes anymore. Looking to sell only. Special notes of each cube will be put next to the name. (PayPal Only)
I can ship worldwide, but buyer pays shipping.
PM me and we can decide on a price.
From Left to Right:
GuoGuan XingHen (one of the corner caps pop off, but can be superglued on)
Qiyi Warrior 3x3
Shengshou 4x4 (V5?) (not sure)
KungFu CangFeng
Qiyi QiZheng 5x5
Shengshou 6x6
Shengshou 7x7 (Unsolved)

Second Row:

Qiyi THunderclap 4x4
Moyu Aolong v2
Moyu Skewb
YJ Chilong (not sure)
Yuxin 5x5
Qiyi Thunderclap v2
Qiyi 4x4 (one of the budget ones, not sure which one)
Moyu Weilong V1
Gans 357 with Weilong GTS stickers
Moyu Aosu (one of the blue caps protrude out)