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Selling Cubes For Cheap


Mar 23, 2020
Hi Im selling cubes so if you are interested in buying any email me at [email protected]

If you buy multiple cubes I will give you a discount if you buy two cubes you get one dollar off and if you buy 3 cubes you will get 3 dollars off. When you want to buy a cube you can email me and I will send you my paypal. I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL. Also shipping will be around 4 dollars


Dayan Tengyun V2 M Stickerless with box $25

Xman Bell Pyraminx Stickerless $10

Xman Volt V1 Stickerless $4

Yuxin little magic Megaminx V1: yuxin logo on white side stickerless $4.00

Meilong 4x4: stickerless $4.00

Meilong 5x5: Stickerless $6.00

Xman Wingy Skewb: Stickerless $10.00

MGC 2x2: Stickerless $8.00

Meilong 2x2 M with valk 2 springs: $11.00

Shengshou Mirror Blocks: Gold $3.00

Shengshou 4x4: Stickered $1.00

MF5: Stickered $6.00

If you have any other questions or are interested in any of the cubes email me!
Also I will be willing to bargain If you have good offers
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