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Selling cubes at National Capital Region 2017

Feb 26, 2017

I will be selling the following cubes at NCR 2017 (https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/competitions/NationalCapitalRegion2017):

YJ Guanpo (Black and White are available) 6$
Qiyi Cavs (White are available) 7$

Qiyi Tunderclaps V1 (Black and White are available) 11$
Qiyi Tunderclaps V2 (White is available) 12$
Qiyi Sail (Black and White are available) 5$
YJ GuanLong (Only White is available) 5$
Yuxin Fire (Black and Stickerless are available) 5$
Yuxin Water (Only Black is available) 4$
Qiyi Big Sail (Only Black is available) 8$

YJ Guansu (White is available) 12$
Yuxin Lion (Only Black is available) 10$
Qiyi Sail (Only Black is available) 10$

All prices are in Canadian Dollar.
I am open for trading.
I will provide the cube with a stand until I have no more left.
All the cubes are brand new. They have never been opened.

Feel free to ask any question ;)